The Rocky Horror Picture Show !!! a Transvestite from Outer Space !

July 4, 2007

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More Hormones for Transsexuals

June 20, 2007

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T-Girl Hot or Not

June 14, 2007

Do you know the Hot or Not website, where you can vote on the pictures? Well now there is a SPECIAL site only for transvestites, drag queens, crossdressers and transsexuals – T-Girl Hot or Not !
Take alook ! And why not upload YOUR photo just for the fun !
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Dressing Punishment !!!

June 10, 2007

I have many emails asking where you can find crossdressers, TVs and TSs near you. Well, this is the answer ->

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Turning Grumpy Boys into Girls

May 26, 2007

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A Boy Dressing As A Girl At Halloween

May 26, 2007


Do You Look Like a Guy in a Dress? 5 Tips

May 18, 2007

What Factors Are Important To Developing Feminine Poise? by Denae Doyle –

1. Weight Drop
Men typically carry their weight in their arms and shoulders and tend to lean forward, or they carry their weight very low and exhibit a “heavy” walk. Either way, men tend to carry their weight in an unbalanced fashion.

This is a particularly masculine poise and can give away even the most well dressed TG woman. Fashion models and beauty contestants, on the other hand, learn early in their training to keep their shoulders pulled back and chest lifted up. This certainly applies to the TG woman who tends to be “top” heavy.

By learning to center your weight in your hips and pelvis and keep your shoulders back and chest out, you will find that your feet are lighter when touching the floor and your overall presentation is much more feminine. Your feminine poise should look as if you had an imaginary string in the top of your head lifting you up straight and pulling the energy field of your body and face upward.

2. Delicately Swinging Arms

Swinging your arms from your shoulders (as men do) may be another behavior that is giving you away. Let your arms rest gently down the side of your legs allowing for a natural delicate swing from your elbows. TG women should practice keeping their elbows turned inward or touching their torso. Not having space between your elbows and torso keeps you in a smaller capsule of Space, thus appearing more feminine. Keeping your thumbs pulled in towards your hand, and always keeping your fingers cupped will help large hands appear more petite and graceful.

3. Head and Chin Up and Forward

If your head or chin leads, you will appear less feminine. This is related to the masculine manner of leaning forward. When your head is down your shoulders will slump forward preventing a feminine silhouette. Graceful women walk with their heads back and tilted, keeping their chin parallel to the floor, and their weight centered in their pelvis. I coach my TG women to create a feminine silhouette by learning to stand and walk with their weight back and allowing their hips, heads, and hands to be more expressive in communicating balanced female movements.

4. Fluid Movement in Head and Neck

Often a new TG woman (especially when she is wearing a wig) will hold her head very upright and rigid. As this more rigid body language is an instant give away, it is essential to practice fluidly tilting your head and using your facial features to express emotion. A few examples I teach are: using eye contact while exchanging smiles, raising and lowering your eyebrows; blinking more often; while talking, move your body more in your chair, touching different parts of your thigh or arm while gently moving hair away from your face; move your lips and mouth forward or to the side; sit with your legs crossed and pointed towards the other person; and, expose your wrist or palm to the person you are interested in.

5. Coordinated Expressive Movement

Why are some women so graceful while others seem totally unable to express their femininity and/or sensuality? Actually, it’s simple and can be learned. Here’s a clue. Poised women tend to have more expressive face, hands, and speech patterns, and they are coordinated with other bodily movements. Graceful women will always move more than one body part at a time: this could be a tilt of her head and shoulder while she hand lightly touches her thigh as she crosses her legs. Graceful women will use a simple head tilt while slowly stroking their fingers and gracefully changing into a different hand position.

Other examples: while conversing with you, she rests an elbow in the palm of one hand, while holding out her other hand wrist broken, palm up; while listening to you speak she gently leans forward and slowly lowers her face, eyes and lightly puckers her lips; while walking confidently she shakes her head back and forth and perhaps gracefully pulls her hair out of her wind blown face, tossing it to one side. This is the grace and poise that sends men jumping from their chairs to catch a glimpse of the beautiful woman walking by. Feminine poise and grace can be learned and will enable you to express the authentic femininity you feel inside –far more than the typical clothing or makeup everyone uses.

Feminine poise isn’t just something all genetic women naturally posses. When I was in high school, I was a Wallflower, looking down, leaning forward, and walking as if I carried the weight of the world. With professional training and devoted practice, I overcame my unfeminine mannerisms and went on to model on television while still attending high school.

What I learned in high school about poise, and have been perfecting for many years as a professional consultant to fashion models and beauty pageant contestants, I can teach to you. With the proper training and practice, you too can begin to walk more gracefully, stand more regally and become more confident with each excursion into the public, knowing you will never again give off the impression of “guy in a dress.”

If you want to read more tips from Denae Doyle, then look here at her website –