Boys who became women

May 11, 2010

This subject is not for everyone. However, IF you are someone who enjoys, or even loves !!! , seeing men turn into beautiful women, then read on.

( This is a real un-retouched photo of myself – Carolyn ! Just so you see what I look like. And YES – I am transsexual. I have gone from man to woman. So I know what I am talking about! )

Look a these Transformations !!!

Want to see many many Before & After Transformations at one time?

Want to save time looking all over the internet for beautiful man-to-woman transformations?

What are your dreams when you see men being transformed into attractive WOMEN?

Have you ever seen such Before & After photos that you can hardly believe they are true?

Before & After Vol. 1 – Beautiful Man-to-Woman Transformations

I have always loved seeing boys becoming girls, or men becoming sexy attractive women.

So….. I created the ebooks – Before & After vol. 1 with tons of photos of men being changed into beautiful women.

To be honest, when I collected these photos, I intentionally looked for the beautiful,slender,
show girls. Wow! I love them too!

But I also picked out more normal people – older, heavier, shorter, taller – real people with REAL Transformations.

I KNOW ! I am transsexual myself. As I lived as a man, I looked and looked and looked and dreamed and dreamed and dreamed. And I thought I was too tall, too old, too masculine, too much of everything non-feminine. But I kept dreaming……..

And with these Ebooks, you TOO can dream !

Before & After Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 is 93 pages of photos.
Pages !!!

Before you waste weeks and weeks and weeks of searching for these man-to-woman photos, you can have them IMMEDIATELY. Save time and frustration – and enjoy these photos immediately with this ebook.

And there is a mixture of young, old, tall, short, thin, round and more. There are occasional crossdressers, part-time transvestites, drag queens, transsexuals and more girl. Just some are:



One of the
creators of the MATRIX film series!



And more more more………

This is what Nicole looked like BEFORE:

This is what Nicole looked like AFTER:

Do you want to see transsexual, transvestites and drag queens in their before and after lives? Do you want to have some inspiration of what you could do yourself? Want to enjoy the fascination of traveling between the two sexes…… well……

I wrote this 40 page Ebook of Before and After pictures of transsexuals,
divas, drag queens and transvestites. For example,,,,,, as shown above of Nicole Bailey. And here is a link to a sample of the book – Click Here

Just imagine what YOU might look like

  • Photos of what you dream of !!!
  • What professional make-overs can achieve in REAL Life
  • Beauties like you might see at a Drag Show or Cabaret
  • Some the Best and Most Beautiful Worldwide
  • No pornography – Just Pure Beauty
  • To be enjoyed again and again and again
  • Inspiration for Your Own Dreams !!!
  • Study Their Make-Up
  • Learn How They Dress

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Outrageous bribe 1. Secrets to a Sexy Womanly Walk – 7 pages – Learn to Walk in a Sexy Way

Outrageous bribe 2. Flat to Feminine – How to Grow Feminine Breasts – 103 pages !!! How to Get Started without Prescription Drugs !!! Enjoy Sensitive Tender Breasts !!!

Outrageous bribe 3. Hair Removal Super Tips From the Pros – 9 pages The best methods of removing unwanted hair.

Outrageous bribe 4. Body Language – How to Read Others Thoughts by Their Gestures – 148 pages

Outrageous bribe 5. The Transsexual Phenomenon – Harry Benjamin – 140 pages The breakthrough Classic Textbook on Transsexuals

Outrageous bribe 6. Male-to-Female Surgery Kit – what you need to take with you – 33pages Tips and Suggestion for How to Prepare for your Surgery

Outrageous bribe 7. The Sexual Key: How to Use the Structure of Female Emotion to Arouse a Woman in Minutes – J.D. Fuentes – 111 pages

Outrageous bribe 8. How Women Think – Studies on the Differences between Boys and Girls – 5 pages

Outrageous bribe 9. Transgender Speech Feminization / Masculinization – Guidelines for Clinicians – 61 pages

Outrageous bribe 10. Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger – 45 pages

Outrageous bribe 11. Finding Your Female Voice – 35 pages

Outrageous bribe 12. The Human Instrument – Your Voice – 8 pages

Outrageous bribe 13. Transsexual People and Sports – Guidelines for Sporting Bodies – 23 pages

Outrageous bribe 14. AND….. 35 MORE pdf’s with over 10 megabytes of data of Photos, Magazine Articles and Photo Reports from Transvestite / Transsexual Magazines for your enjoyment

Thanks! Carolyn

PS – I have even added YET another extra Bonus ebook for you with illustrations about the transformation of an exchange student in Japan, and his journey from boy to girl.

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Enjoy these fantastic Photos and Transformations!


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Makeover from Kevin Aucoin’s Cosmetic Book

May 5, 2007

Kevin Aucoin did a make-over of his friend – Alex – to look like Linda Evangelista. Here is the before and after. Both are the same person. Here is the link where you can get this book at Amazon –

Kate – Before and After

April 29, 2007

Carolyn – PS – there are over 40’000 Ebooks here that can help you!

Jen Merrill – Before and After

April 26, 2007

Stephanie – Before & After

April 15, 2007

Tomorrow, I will put up some Manga!
ciao ciao
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Before & After – Chrissy

April 2, 2007

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Transsexual / Transgender Museum Site

April 1, 2007

Enjoy th Transgender Museum of old magazines covers and more at

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