Feminization Hypnosis MP3s

Are you interested in feminizsation audios? Want to enjoy such meditations on your MP3 player? With a 90 day money back guarantee!!!

Do you want to FEEL like a woman? Would you enjoy slowly feeling like a woman?
Ever want to have the body of an 18 year old girl? Then read on…..

Here are 21 (yes, 21) MP3 hypnotic induction files for a variety of types of feminization. Pick and use
whatever YOU prefer.

Induction Nr. 1 Makes a man want to wear womens underwear 24/7. PlayTime: 00:09:33

Induction Nr. 2 Be a good girl – Makes you into a very feminine girl. With female thoughts, desires, be sexy and basically a very good girl.
PlayTime: 00:23:22

Induction Nr. 3 Curse Body of an 18 year old girl – This file is a curse and will transform your body into that of an 18 year old girl. The transformation is real. This is to be used by guys or gals over 18 years of age. It will cause your body to reverse the aging process and for guys it will change your gender. After reaching the age of 18 your body will once again age as normal. PlayTime: 00:22:40

Induction Nr. 4 Curse Hermaphrodite – For men to permanently change into a bi-sexual slut, fetish and bondage loving female hermaphrodite with a female waist and hips and a sexually functional vagina (not reproductive) which you love to fill. PlayTime: 00:17:00

Induction Nr. 5 Curse Male2Female – This is a curse and IT CAN’T EVER BE REMOVED. This file is intended to cause real physical changes in the listener. It has been updated it to include a subliminal track and some sound effects. The curse was created using several feminization files and as such is quite long. Make sure this is what you want before you listen because there’s no turning back afterwards. PlayTime: 00:42:02

Induction Nr. 6 Curse Sissy Maid – This is Sissy Maid Satina’s meditation file, created by her Mistress, Jeni. Every night she sleeps – bound, plugged, and gagged – while this file plays looped on her mini-mp3 player. She’s also fully dressed as a maid with her makeup on and her head covered with a silk pillowcase filled with panties. After four hours of sleep, she’s ready to serve. PlayTime: 00:21:04

Induction Nr. 7 Curse Skirt – This file will make you addicted to wearing skirts and dresses by making you unable to enter hypnosis for ANY type of hypnosis file unless you are wearing a skirt or dress. It also makes the effects of all other feminization files permanent and makes you submissive to women.
PlayTime: 00:22:33

Induction Nr. 8 Curse-Femaleform – WARNING!!! This is a curse file!!! Curses you so that you slowly/permanently become a woman. Percieving yourself as one in every way. PlayTime: 00:19:39

Induction Nr. 9 CurseBreastGrowthMale – This file curses the male listener with breast growth that will not end. PlayTime: 00:23:06

Induction Nr. 10 CurseFeminizationCD – WARNING!!! This is a curse file.This curse slowly transforms you into a crossdresser who is as feminine as she possibly can be including the growth of breasts. PlayTime: 00:22:41

Induction Nr. 11 CurseHormoneChange – A curse file that will cause the level of male hormones to drop to female levels and cause female hormones to rise to normal female levels. The changes to the hormones are real and the resultant effects are real. PlayTime: 00:19:29

Induction Nr. 12 CursePMS-Period – WARNING!! This is a curse. The listener will suffer from PMS and a painful period on a 28 day cycle. This file is intended for men to teach them what it’s like. The curse will not wear off. PlayTime: 00:31:33

Induction Nr. 13 CurseSissyMaid – This file curses the listener into becomming more and more of a cocksucking sissy maid. PlayTime: 00:22:45

Induction Nr. 14 CurseStrokeSissy – WARNING!!! This is a curse file. Masturbation triggers stronger and stronger desires to become a submissive, crossdressing, bisexual sissy maid; who loves giving sexual and oral pleasure to men and women. The desires include breast enlargment, body hair loss, full crossdressing and makeup, hairstyle, diet. When the subject orgasms, the orgasm triggers the desires and changes to lock in at that current level, which can never lower and will increase each time, and with each listen. Until you are forced to be a total crosdressing sissy. PlayTime: 00:32:32

Induction Nr. 15 CurseTotalFeminization – File would cause the listner to eventually become as female as humanly possible. For example, the production of testosterone would lower and female levels of estrogen would be increase, the listeners voice would be feminized, the aerola and nipple would take female form, the male genetals would shrink forming a vagina, they would lose all male interests and develop female ones, they would think like a woman (concerned about looks, walk like one, be more nuturing and sensitive etc.), breasts will develop, hips widen, and the whole body is feminized PlayTime: 00:22:21

Induction Nr. 16 Female For A Day – After listening to this file you will wake up the next morning and spend the day as a woman, dressing, and acting like one all day long until you go to bed that night. PlayTime: 00:21:46

Induction Nr. 17 FemaleDreams – Each night after you listen to this file you will dream about the previous day but in your dreams you will be female. In the morning if you listen to the file again it will swap those dreams with your memory of the day so that you actually remember being female the previous day and being male was the dream. PlayTime: 00:21:51

Induction Nr. 18 FembuttGrowth – An induction for males to passionately desire to develop feminine hips and buttocks and enters totally into mind warping mode to stimulate the subconscous to adjust the endocrine system accordingly. A trigger phrase ‘girl’s bottom is growing bigger now!’ Further indocrination for increase in estrogen manufacture in the male subject and the more he resists the larger his buttocks grow more womanly. Until the maximum mind acceptance of taking appropriate hormone treatment. The subject will wear panties 24/7 and be required to buy increasing sizes as his buttocks swell into female form.
PlayTime: 00:22:56

Induction Nr. 19 Feminine Movement Curse – This file causes the user to experience the feeling of spirits using their hands to guide their movements into a more and more feminine manner when ever they move. WARNING : This file IS a curse and it can never be removed. It has a mystic theme and is worded in the form of a spell. So if you are against such things, do not download it. PlayTime: 00:02:55

Induction Nr. 20 FeminineAppetite – Causes you to take on a stereotypical feminine diet. You now find that you can only stomach salads and other such ‘light’ foods, and even then, in rather small portions. Great for weigth loss or just for feminization. NOTE: Amounts of food consumed is all in proportion to your current body size a caloric needs. PlayTime: 00:23:05

Induction Nr. 21 FeminizingTransformation – Listen to this file and awaken transformed into a woman with, full, firm ff cup breasts, shaved, super sensitive pussy, gorgeous face, hair and hips. Listener can choose how long to remain female, up to six hours(switching back by saying ‘Revert To Normal’. WARNING! File is extremely addictive, and leads to irreversable physical changes. PlayTime: 00:21:35

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Outrageous bribe 4. Body Language – How to Read Others Thoughts by Their Gestures – 148 pages

Outrageous bribe 5. The Transsexual Phenomenon – Harry Benjamin – 140 pages
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Outrageous bribe 6. Male-to-Female Surgery Kit – what you need to take with you – 33pages
Tips and Suggestion for How to Prepare for your Surgery

Outrageous bribe 7. The Sexual Key: How to Use the Structure of Female Emotion to Arouse a Woman in Minutes – J.D. Fuentes – 111 pages

Outrageous bribe 8. How Women Think – Studies on the Differences between Boys and Girls – 5 pages

Outrageous bribe 9. Transgender Speech Feminization / Masculinization – Guidelines for Clinicians – 61 pages

Outrageous bribe 10. Secrets to Looking and Feeling Younger – 45 pages

Outrageous bribe 11. Finding Your Female Voice – 35 pages

Outrageous bribe 12. The Human Instrument – Your Voice – 8 pages

Outrageous bribe 13. Transsexual People and Sports – Guidelines for Sporting Bodies – 23 pages

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